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Silane Adhesive Technology: Fastening for the Future

By: Dave Darche Bona National Market Manager| A&D/Adhesives With the adhesives industry evolving rapidly, new innovative Bona® silane-based adhesives are… Read more »


Floating Floors and Cabinets, what you may not know.

Some of us love to see that clean open look in our kitchens where the cabinets appear to be sitting… Read more »

Wood Flooring

Pro tips for a worry-free installation

We often make the mistake of thinking that installing a wood floor is easy. Because all you need are floorboards… Read more »

Wood Flooring

Wood Floors Need Room To Expand!

Time after time we are called out to inspect newly installed hardwood floors that are squeaking and or not laying down… Read more »


Adhesive Terminology in a nutshell

Sometimes it seems like the jargon used in the flooring industry deserves its own dictionary. Pressure-sensitive, full-spread, wet-set and hard-set are some examples.Do you want to… Read more »

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