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What is a floor inspection?

Disagreements between homeowners and flooring contractors are inevitable. Our inspection service is designed to help resolve disputes and work them out to everyone’s satisfaction. Flooring categories that can be inspected are carpet, resilient, hardwood, laminate, bamboo or cork floor coverings. Substrates can also be inspected. Any party can order an inspection.

1. Post/Mid Installation Inspection

This type of inspection helps those caught up in a dispute after (or in some cases during) an installation.

2. Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Inspection Review

The QAP inspection review service is for commercial projects only and must be specified into the construction documents prior to tender. For this service a third-party inspector is assigned to the project to assists with independent expert opinion and a series of reports issued to the construction group through the projects duration.

Inspection policies of the BCFCA Consumer Affairs Committee:

  • Inspections are unbiased.
  • BCFCA does not (re)inspect floors that have already been inspected by an inspector who has a recognized floor covering certification.
  • Whoever commissions the inspection must make the BCFCA aware of any previous relative inspections that have taken place before paying for the service. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of our service. Fees paid in such a cases are non-refundable.
  • Full payment for the inspection service is taken before the process begins.
  • Note that inspections in BC’s interior are subject to extra travel costs which are to be paid in advance of the inspection date. See details on costs and process below.
  • Upon cancellation a non-refundable $200 admin fee will be applied once the inspector is assigned.
  • Note:  The service is intended to resolve issues and keep participants out of court.  No employee or team member of the BCFCA will attend a court proceeding.  Any requests for the inspector to attend a court proceeding must be arranged directly with the inspector and will be at their discretion and payment for this service will be made directly to the inspector.

The BC Floor Covering Association has independent Certified Inspectors for the Lower Mainland, Interior and on Vancouver Island.

The Process

The process:

  1. An inspection request is received with payment.
  2. An effort is made by the inspector to contact all participants in the manufacture, sale and installation of the floor to understand the background/history of the floor being examined.
  3. The information provided on the request for inspection form is passed to the assigned inspector who is responsible for booking an appointment time.
  4. The consumer is asked to show the inspector any areas of concern and to leave them alone to perform the inspection.
  5. The inspector submits the report to the commissioning party and to the BCFCA office. Large files containing photos and video will be emailed via WeTransfer.
  6. Questions regarding the report may be directed to the inspector.
  7. This completes the role of the inspector and the association unless there is a need for a second examination or if there is a grievance.


The Cost

Inspection fees are paid up front prior to an inspector being assigned by the BCFCA.


$1000 per residence or commercial property up to 2000sf, plus travel when applicable (travel will be quoted at time of inspection request).

Discounts as follows:

– 50% off for all members *
– 50% off for the consumer or purchaser who did business directly with a BCFCA member *
– 25% off for any inspection requested by a homeowner/consumer, contractor, architect or designer who did not do business directly with a BCFCA member, however the material being inspected was distributed through a member supplier *
* some exclusions apply including hardwood inspections, will be quoted after inspection request form completed.

Note: To receive the discounted members rate the member must be in good standing with the BCFCA. New members joining to get the lower inspection rate will be required to pay the membership fee for the remaining number of months in the current year plus the following year in full.

Each individual floor covering type inspected is subject to the charges detailed above and any additional site visits will be billed at 50% of the original inspection fee.

The BCFCA does not have a laboratory. Any testing that may require the services of an outside lab must be arranged independently.

BCFCA’s inspection, recording, and measuring methods are non-destructive.

Assigned inspectors are expected to notify the BCFCA office if there is any conflict of interest related to the inspection.

Inspection reports contain a statement of the problem, a brief history, observations, and conclusions.

Note: Due to the nature of post-installation inspections, no guarantees are made that a definitive reason or cause for a flooring issue will be found.
Inspection reports are issued ‘Without Prejudice’.

Involved parties can request a copy of an inspection report no sooner than seven (7) business days from the date of its issue.

Records are kept in the BCFCA office for 6 months and then destroyed.

Other than the inspector’s camera and/or recording devices, no other person may photograph or record the inspection process or inspector during an inspection.

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